1. Flexible booking
Booking an assessment at Lamark can be done at a time and location that suits the candidate. Bookings can be changed up to one week prior to the exam.

2. A professional reception
The candidate is warmly welcomed, identity is checked and rules and regulations expained. Bag, coat and personal belongings are locked away.


3. The exam space
The certified examiner checks the identity of the candidate again and shows the designated space.

4. The examination
The candidate has a personal space where distractions are minimised, with access to a button to call the examiner host. Internet connections are secured to prevent fraud. 


5. Leaving the exam
If possible an immediate result will come up on the screen. Any remaining questions are answered and candidates sign out when they leave.


6. After the exam
The candidate receives an email with the results and information on how to proceed given the situation.