Lamark facilitates logistic services for assessment and exambureaus. For over 20 years on different professional locations in The Netherlands. Lamark provides a high-end personal space designed to cater to the specific needs of the candidate, with minimal distractions in a serene and minimalistic environment. Certified hosts provide a safe space against fraud.

Lamark offers planning and allocation of exam spaces with certified hosts. Our Exam Management System (EMS) provides exam centres with insights and data around predictability of candidate behaviours, as well as assessment outcomes and learnings. Your personalised EMS dashboard provides real-time insights on candidates bookings and exams.

On top you have access to transparent reports, insights and learnings to create a more efficient platform for booking, hosting and providing certification and improving testing methods and how irregularities influence the testing process. Candidates have the opportunity to plan and book their own exams in the EMS.


Lamark offers a unique Exam Management System (EMS) that provides flexibility and insight for exam centres. It shows results and reports providing predictive models of candidates bookings and time management of exams. The EMS gives candidates a flexible space to book or reschedule an exam to a preferred location, date and time.


Prevention of fraud is of great value to employer, candidate and test centres, providing trustworthy and valuable certification. The exam spaces devoloped by Lamark, provide candidates with an optimal environment and minimise fraud.


Our Test Centres are equipped with high end designed personal spaces, dedicated to provide a candidate with the best possible environment. Candidates take seat in their own comfortable space with minimal distraction. All examinations are optimised to suit the candidates in the best way possible.


Lamark has over twenty locations in the Netherlands. All locations are easily accessible by car and public transport. Furthermore all locations, except for Den Helder, are wheelchair accessible.

Lamark acknowledges the importance of user-friendly and minimalistic design. This is reflected in a serene atmosphere, where candidates feel at ease. Our locations provide audio and video equipment to facilitate all kinds of exams.

Locations: Amersfoort, Amsterdam, Apeldoorn, Arnhem, Assen, Borne, Breda, Den Haag, Den Helder, Eindhoven, Elsloo, Leeuwarden, Leiden, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Vlissingen and Zwolle. More info


1. Flexible booking
Booking an assessment at Lamark can be done at a time and location that suits the candidate. Bookings can be changed up to one week prior to the exam.


2. A professional reception
The candidate is warmly welcomed, identity is checked and rules and regulations explained. Bag, coat and personal belongings are locked away.

3. The exam space
The certified examiner checks the identity of the candidate again and shows the designated space.


4. The examination
The candidate has a personal space where distractions are minimised. Internet connections are secured to prevent fraud.

5. Leaving the exam
If possible an immediate result will come up on the screen. Candidates sign out when they leave.


6. After the exam
The candidate receives an email with information on how to proceed given the situation.

Which measures have been taken in regards to the corona virus (covid-19)?

Lamark is following the regulations and advices from the Dutch government and RIVM. Scanning the QR code through the Corona Check app or showing a negative Covid test is also not necessary. However, the basic rules regarding for hygiene and health apply at the locations and the locations continue to ensure good ventilation. The locations have been visited by the Examenkamer and have received the Corona-proof certificate. Click here for the actual measures.

I've booked my exam, but I won't be able to make it that day. Can I still change my booking?

Up till one week ahead of your assessment, you can change easily change your booking without any costs in our Exam Management System.

Is it easy to reach the location?

All Lamark locations are easy to reach by car or public transport. For more information on the location of your choice, take a look here.

Are all locations wheelchair accessible?

Almost all our locations are wheelchair accessible. For more specific information on the location of your choice, take a look here.

I am running late for my examination, can I still start my exam?

If you are (too) late, the location will decide whether you still can start your exam.

Am I allowed to be there prior to my test?

We advise you to be at your location about 10 minutes before you start your exam.

Can I bring my personal belongings into the examination space?

Your coat, bag and other personal belongings are to be put away in a designated locker. Any necessities, -if so instructed by your educational facility-, will be provided at your personal examination space. For more information on our policies, read more here



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